Instagram galleries

As standard we offer 3 different variations of Instagram galleries. If you prefer to discuss a more customized solution or have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.


1. Stand alone

With our stand alone gallery you have full control with the design of your gallery. We simply create a webpage with a design of your desire and integrate an Instagram gallery. The gallery is automatically updated with images from Instagram, based on the hashtags you select.


2. Embedded full size

An embedded full size Instagram gallery is a short script that when it’s inserted to one or more of your pages will embed a collage of images from Instagram. You select which hashtags you want to make use of when the gallery is created and the collage is dynamically updated in accordance with your settings.


3. Embedded carousel

A neat way to integrate dynamically updated content to your website is by embedding a small carousel of images. Our embedded Instagram carousel lets you do just that by inserting a script on your site and selecting Instagram hashtags. Nice and easy!